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Six Ways to Exfoliate Your Skin for a Better Tan

Apr 04, 2013 Travis blog No Comments

Why exfoliate? Won’t you lose your tan when exfoliating? Not necessarily. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells (which do not tan) and allows your new skin to tan more easily. Exfoliation is a process that dates back to ancient Egypt; the word exfoliate derives from the Latin word exfoliare, which means “to strip off leaves”.

There are some exfoliating methods that work better to strip off dead skin than others for spray tanning or sun tanning.  Here are six ways that tanners can use to illuminate your spray tan or suntanned skin: dry brushing, exfoliation cloths or gloves, loofah, microfiber cloths, exfoliating scrubs, and homemade scrubs.

1. Dry Brushing

Dry brushing can be done daily and it should be done prior to taking a bath or shower. Dry brushing will open up pores in the skin. In order to apply dry brushing on the skin, gently brush upwards towards the heart. Do not brush back and forth. The brushes should be enough to stimulate the skin, but not too much that the skin becomes irritated or turns red. The dry brush should not be wet and the bristles should be natural. Not only does dry brushing take off the excess skin, but dry brushing also has other therapeutic elements. Dry brushing can help with blood flow, circulation, digestion, and kidney function.

2. Exfoliation Cloths or Gloves

Exfoliation cloths or gloves are cost-effective; they are a great way to use on those hard-to- reach areas such as ankles, elbows, fingers, knuckles, and knees. This is a good method to use before spray tanning, and this can be used after showering. Exfoliation cloths or gloves are best used with a natural scrub such as baking soda.

3. Loofah

A Loofah can be cost-effective or expensive, and using a loofah is a simple way to exfoliate dead skin. A loofah needs to be wet, as dry loofahs would be too abrasive, and can be used with or without soap. The loofah is better to use on suntanned skin rather than prior to a spray tan, because the loofah tends to exfoliate unevenly, which results in an uneven and unattractive spray tan.

4.  Microfiber Cloths

Using a microfiber cloth to exfoliate takes longer than using exfoliation cloths, gloves, or loofahs, but can be more effective and look more even on the skin. This is also used after bathing or showering. They can be eco-friendly and cost-effective.

5.  Exfoliator Scrubs

This is also called Mechanical Exfoliation, and they are used to remove the dead cells from the skin. Exfoliator scrubs are effective, but can be drying on the skin. Exfoliating scrubs should only be used on the body, as they are too harsh to use on the face. Depending on how dry your skin is, you can exfoliate once or twice a week.

6.   Homemade Scrubs

If you like to use home remedies for exfoliation, there are two ways that you can exfoliate before tanning:  baking soda and papaya scrub.

Baking soda is versatile. Besides cleaning, baking soda can be used for brushing teeth, cleansing hair, and exfoliating skin.  Make a paste with baking soda and water, and then after bathing or showering, use the paste with a microfiber cloth or glove. Since baking soda is drying, it is a good idea to do this sparingly. Experts recommend this treatment prior to spray tanning.

The papaya scrub takes just a little more time, but it is still easy. Puree a papaya after peeling and removing the seeds. Afterwards, add a little or a lot of salt. The dead skin cells are disintegrated from the papaya. Like the baking soda remedy, the papaya scrub should be applied after a bath or shower.

Besides baking soda and papaya scrubs, you can use other home products such as salt or sugar to create homemade scrubs.

In order to have healthy skin and for your spray tan or suntan to look beautiful, proper exfoliation is important. Hopefully, determining which one of the methods of exfoliation such as dry brushing, exfoliation cloths or gloves, loofah, microfiber cloths, exfoliating scrubs, and homemade scrubs, will help you decide the best method for your spray tanned or suntanned skin.

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