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Mystic Spray Tan


Mystic Tan HD:

Mystic Tan™ is a private unit that employs a revolutionary spray designed to deliver a uniform, customized application of tanning myst to the entire body in just seconds. Only Mystic Tan™ uses MagneTan™ technology. This is a patented process that uses the human body’s own magnetic properties to attract Mystic Tan™ tanning myst to every exposed surface of the skin. When Mystic Tan™ tanning myst passes through the spray nozzle, the micro-particles of myst are polarized, taking on the characteristics of “tiny magnets.” These particles adhere evenly to the skin to create an enviable, golden brown tan that will last 6-7 days.

Select Your Shade

Transforms skin for an extended natural tan up to a week.

Luminous Light

1-3 shades darker than your natural skin tone.

Magical Medium

2-4 shades darker than your natural skin tone.

Dazzling Dark

3-5 shades darker than your natural skin tone.

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